We are committed to maintaining EMY Africa Awards’ high standard – Founder


The EMY Africa Awards has run for seven years, with its last edition held a fortnight ago.

Founder, Kojo Soboh, has shared some insights into what has contributed to the success of the awards show over the years.

He revealed to host George Quaye on Joy FM’s A-Z, that his team is able to leave a lasting impression on the minds of many by dint of hard work and the worthy associations formed over the years. In simple words, the EMY team “understands the brand”.

Kojo, who mentioned that it takes honesty and commitment to achieve such sterling results, further explained, “we understand that the EMY Africa Awards is a premium brand, so associations with sponsorship, with media, even who to attend, the look and feel, the artistes to perform on the night… everything is informed by the brand we have created”.

Another breath of the experiences gathered falls on maintaining a high standard. He disclosed that it’s not an easy feat, yet his team has forever been dedicated to maintaining the level of excellence, resulting in top-notch results that always leave patrons and partners satisfied.

“It’s challenging to get sponsorship… but I think that if you are an organiser and you put your best foot forward – you build a good brand that sponsors are excited to associate with – even when it’s difficult they’ll squeeze water out of the stone”, Kojo Soboh, confirmed.

According to the founder of the scheme, “every aspect of the EMY Africa Awards is thought, even our trophy was thought about”.

“If you have to be a successful person you need to be a thinker… if you look at our trophy, the bottom is a bit rough, so the story is that you go through rough times…the journey will be difficult but if you keep going and keep believing, you become that perfect person”, Kojo revealed.


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