We Want To Laugh Small; Reaction As TV3 Ghana Drops This On Social Media


TV3 Ghana posted a glimpse of some potential Mentor candidates on its heavily followed social media platform. The TV3 Mentor contest creates a platform for young music talents to be groomed. The contest begins with an audition of all potential musicians from across various regions.

This year, the auditions began in Kumasi. The update provided by TV3 did not have the snippet of the auditions. In TV3 Ghana’s post, a lady who was waiting for her turn to be auditioned could be seen singing. Some viewers have insisted they prefer a video of the audition to make them laugh at those who could not sing well.

Videos of the auditions are interesting as some candidates do not put in their best whilst others go the extra mile to justify their inclusion.

Well, laughing has various health benefits and that could be why they want snippets of the auditions. Laughing would help the viewers to decrease their stress whilst stimulating their hearts, lungs, and muscles.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussions?

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