Why I Have Decided To Kill My Children After They Travelled Abroad Years Ago – A Father Reveals


An elderly man named Nana Osei Bonsu, a father of three, explained why he has decided to kill his children after they traveled abroad many years ago. The father said he went to Ivory Coast many years ago in search of greener pastures. He met and dated his wife for a while before giving birth to their three children. Both have worked hard to provide a better future for their children.

Years later, the family returned to Ghana and went to live in Tafo. They continue to receive an appropriate education for their children. Fortunately, his wife got a chance and went to France to 30 years ago and they kept communicating daily, the wife even decided to help him travel to France so that they can stay together. Although he was happy to hear this from his wife but he rather advised her to send their two children to travel abroad for a better future.

The man said his wife also accepted this decision and sent their daughter named Bebe to Belgium and their son also traveled and Feance and with his mother. Their lives were going well but his wife divorced him after a misunderstanding. Nana Osei Bonsu stated that after the separation, his three children no longer took care of him in his old age, he tried in every way to get their attention but everyone ignored him.

Also his daughter who is in Ghana have not been visiting him or contacted him to inquire about his wellbeing. The worst part of his story is that he could not work to support himself whilst he has evicted from the room he was staying in due to his inability to pay the rent. Nana Osei Bonsu added that he finds it difficult to take care of these children, but they have all ignored him.

The man revealed that because all his children children has neglected him after travelling abroad years ago, he has decided to kill the three children by cursing them so that he will know that he had no children and calmly go through the hardship he is facing now. The man asked for financial help from the general public to feed himself and also rent another room.

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