Ghanaian Woman Bashes Men For Always Asking For Nudes, White Woman Replies Her in Twi


It is very interesting to see foreigners being able to speak another nationality’s local dialect. A video which is going viral on social media reveals a white woman who speaks Twi fluently making controversial statements.

The first video was made by a Ghanaian lady who has a problem with Ghanaian men who are abroad (borgers). She stated that they are always asking for nudes or requesting that the ladies show their private parts to them during video calls.

Many Ghanaian men reacted by saying that it’s understandable on the part of the men abroad since they might fight it hard to find romantic partners over there. Ghanaian ladies reacted by stating that even those who haven’t travelled also indulge in the behaviour of constantly asking for nudes.

Just as the conversation surrounding that topic was dying, a white woman clapped back at the lady in the original video. In her video, she said that ladies shouldn’t complain when men abroad ask for it because women in Ghana also constantly ask them to send money, therefore it is a fair exchange.

What fascinated Ghanaians the most about the white woman’s reply was that she was speaking twi fluently.

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