Gran, we have a problem: Influencer apologises after strip show at old-age home backfires horribly


Instagram influencer Nadia Cartagena thought she was highlighting the plight of the elderly living in old-age homes in Colombia when she staged a stunt for the residents of Una Mano Amiga Foundation in El Prado, Cartagena.

In hindsight, maybe she should have given it some thought before hosting an erotic party for the home’s geriatric residents, and then posting the raunchy video to Instagram.

The only problem may have been a granny experiencing what appeared to be heart attack symptoms while dancing with one of the strippers.

In the bizarre footage, the elderly woman was seen grinding up against one of the half-naked dancers. She then grabbed her chest and started falling, the Daily Mail reported. The stripper helped her up and gave her a sip of water to drink before the EMS crew carried her away on a stretcher.

The video, which was originally posted online last week before being removed, was captioned in Spanish: “Today, I held an erotic party for older adults, and I got the biggest scare of my life because I did not expect what happened to happen, and the truth is that I am very sorry, I just wanted to give them some fun and I did not expect that situation, so I want you to comment on the situation.”

According to the Daily Mail, Cartagena’s video then went viral on social media, receiving more than 47 000 views.

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But what she wasn’t expecting was the brutal backlash from online users who slammed her for even considering throwing the party in the first place.

In response, Cartagena told El Universal that she had organised the event to raise awareness about the “poverty and abandonment” elderly adults face in Colombia.

“The purpose of the video is to call for this problem to be seen and to call on the district authorities to keep an eye on these people,” she told the publication.

Now watch:

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