I was gang raped at 15 – Woman recounts regrettable choices that drove her into prostitution


Aishatu Alhassan has recounted some choices that led her into a life of prostitution and drugs. 

Aishatu disclosed that she lived with her mom and stepfather, but she never experienced fatherly love. Hence, she stayed out with friends and eventually learnt how to smoke. 

“I could stay out for three days with friends at the ghetto. I began smoking at age 11. When people told my mom about my smoking, she could not believe it. I was raped on two occasions. 

The first time was at age 12. Three years later, I was gang raped by four guys while on my way home from a wake keeping. They pulled a knife on me,” she recounted. 

Eventually, Aisha moved to Accra as a teenager to work but got pregnant after a few months. Six months after childbirth, Aisha’s mother took the baby from her because she was never present and still smoked while breastfeeding.

“My baby daddy did not accept the pregnancy, so I had to go home to my mother. My mom took me to the police station once because I wasn’t taking care of the baby. I respect what she did,” she added. 

According to Aisha, she came back to Accra to work to support her baby. However, she went back to the ghetto and began working as a sex worker. 

“It is normal for someone to call me a prostitute because once you are not married, it is no different. I only started prostitution after I gave birth. I’m not okay, but there is nothing I can do about it,” she added. 

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