Melissa McCarthy messed up daughter’s sex talk while picking up dog poo


Melissa McCarthy messed up a sex talk with her daughter – she did it while picking up dog poo.

The actress, 52, said she was aiming to do better the next time she tackled the subject, which she initially tried the day before her 15-year-old girl Vivian’s school covered the topic in health class, and she didn’t want to let “someone else initiate that conversation with my child”.

McCarthy admitted on the ‘We Can Do Hard Things’ podcast on Tuesday: “I did (it) incredibly awkwardly.”

The actress, who also shares daughter Georgette, 12, with husband Ben Falcone, also joked that trying to talk to Vivian about sex while bending over to pick up dog mess was a “really wonderful time” to chat.

She added: “Vivi just goes, ‘Oh dear God, is this happening?’ And I was like, ‘There are different parts of bodies… uh’… I was just like: ‘Let me be awkward and get through it.’

“There is still a mid-western former Catholic person (inside of me) that’s like: ‘Talk about sex and a lightning bolt comes down.’”

McCarthy insisted she has had better chats with her kids about dating, with her and her husband urging their girls to pick partners who were “incredibly kind and respectful” and would “lift” them up.

She added: “That person has to be incredibly happy when you succeed and incredibly supportive when you fail.

“And if those are ever switched, that’s the biggest red flag on Earth. And nothing should make you feel uncomfortable.”

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McCarthy, who married Falcone, 49, in 2005, had Vivian two years later and Georgette in 2010.

Last month, she told fans about Falcone on Instagram on his 49th birthday: “Hands off, he’s mine!! Happy 49th Birthday to the most wonderful weirdo I know. I love you.”



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