‘My copyright case against GTA is under control’ – Kirani Ayat


Kirani Ayat. Credit: @flynimaboy — Twitter

Weeks after calling out the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, and the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) for using excerpts of his music video, Guda, without permission, Kirani Ayat says that the issue is now under control.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Thursday, the Sarki rapper said that the GTA admitted that it was inappropriate for them to use his material without seeking clearance from him or the music video director, David Nicol-Sey.

“They acknowledged that the right thing wasn’t done,” he referenced GTA on Hitz FM.

This comes after Kirani Ayat and Ghana Tourism Authority and the lawyers of both parties met behind closed doors to settle the issue amicably.

During subsequent meetings, the GTA proposed to work with Kirani Ayat and other artists in promoting Ghana through tourism.

When asked whether the GTA has agreed to reimburse him for infringing upon his intellectual property right, Kirani Ayat said: “There has to be compensation. It has come up in the discussion.”

Responding to the “how much are you looking at?” question posed by the host, Kirani Ayat said: “To be honest, it just has to be fair. That’s all. Once it’s fair, then that’s it.

“And I feel like we have an understanding so it will eventually work out either this week or the next so we can let the public know. People are so eager to find out how it is going to end because it is an important topic,” he told Andy Dosty.

Kirani Ayat also added that the issue has become popular on social media partly because a lot of artists have been trying to get support from the government but to no avail.

The rapper believes his copyright case with the GTA serves as a wake-up call to the relevant entities to do the right thing by working with artists to promote Ghana through arts and tourism.

Born Ayat Maqwam, his debut album, Aisha’s Sun is now out in all music stores.


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