Shatta Wale : I Am The Only Artiste Who Charged This Amount In Ghana


On Friday, 14th October 2022, Giovanni Caleb and his studio audience asked Shatta Wale several questions.

When Shatta Wale was asked why he has used three years to market his upcoming album, his answer was a technical one.

” You knew me when I was in Nima. I am doing things differently now because my music must go farther than it used to. I have struggled but I now have seven houses”.

” I am the only artiste who was able to charge 300000 US Dollars in Ghana. I made that money in Ghana from three shows. I charged 100000 US Dollars on different occasions and they all paid. This is my brand”.

Shatta Wale used the opportunity to motivate his fans about the fact that they should strive to succeed. He explained that there are challenges but that should not stop anyone from achieving his dreams.

Speaking on some challenges in the music industry, Shatta Wale explained that the lack of record labels was affecting Ghanaian musicians.

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