Anytime Galamsey Kingpins Are Arrested, I Get Calls From Leaders From Both NPP And NDC To Plead


“Anytime I embarked on operation and arrested a galamsey kingpin, I have had a deluge of calls from political leaders from both NPP and NDC; chiefs, the clergy and notable personalities of society, pleading on their behalf. These calls often become so intense that I often have to switch my phone off”

The above are the words of Kwasi Bonzoh K, the DCE of Ellembelle on today’s edition of JoyNews’ Newsfile. With such a scenario, it makes the fight against galamsey very complex. 

It also reveals that it is wrong to assume that only political figures are inhibitions to the fight against galamsey. Chiefs, pastors, imams, influential figures in society are also neck-deep in this whole enterprise as they are frustrating efforts being made to fight this canker. 

We shall not be able to fight and defeat these elements if we have all these people in society putting impediments in the ways of those who are fighting galamsey.

We have a long way to go as a country if we have all these people fighting those fighting illegal mining in our forests and water bodies. 

Some MMDCEs are indeed doing exceptionally well with the fight against galamsey. Of course, there maybe others who are lackadaisical about it and ought to back up in this war. 

It is a difficult task but like every human endeavour, this is not insurmountable. With determination, hard work and resilience, we shall overcome this challenge.

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