DIY; Here Is How You Can Make Your Own Bankye Akaaro/ Agbeli Kaklo


Cassava balls, agbeli kaklo or bankye akaakro is a quite popular snack in Ghana. It is a delicacy especially in the Southern parts of Ghana. People have created jobs from this for themselves and others as well. They usually hawk it in traffic jams.

Though it might look complicated, it is actually very simple to make. You only need 3 ingredients; cassava, onions and salt to taste. Here is the recipe:

Cut your cassava into smaller sizes. You can divide each tuber into 3 parts. Peel your cassava and divide them into halves. Remove the root like things from the middle parts. Wash all your cassava with clean water, until all the dirt is gone

Using a grater, grate the cassava into small, thin flakes. Do not grate them into very small ,very large, or thick flakes. The flakes should be intermediate and thin.

After grating using a clean napkin, headscarf or cheesecloth squeeze the water out of the cassava flakes. The water has to be extracted to get rid of the bitter aftertaste it gives to the cassava balls. Next spread the flaked cassava on a clean tray in the sun. Break the clumps into smaller pieces to help them dry.

The next step is to either blend or grate your onions. If you choose to blend your onions do not add water.

Into a bowl, add your flaked cassava. Add your onions and salt to taste. Mix everything together till it is well combined. Start moulding them into balls with your hands.

Heat oil in a pan. Once the oil is hot enough fry your cassava balls till they are golden or golden brown.

Cassava balls can also be enjoyed with coconuts. This is very easy and you can try it at home.

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