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When one is made to pass urine frequently, it causes frequent urination. Being agnostic, it affects both boys and girls frequently. On an average day, a person should urinate four to six times. An increase in these intervals may be a sign of the presence of a serious illness that needs to be diagnosed.

Drinking excessive amounts of liquids, such as water, cereal, or alcoholic beverages, can commonly result in the urge to urinate. You can regain control of this unit by utilizing the DIY remedies suggested below.

Nutritional needs.

When it comes to nutrition, include foods high in fiber in your diet. The diets must also be rich in antioxidants. Oranges and the majority of other fruits are naturally rich in antioxidants. Acidic food-heavy diets should also be avoided. Water consumption is advised, but only in moderation. You should eat foods such as boiled spinach, aloe vera juice, jaggery, cranberry juice, yogurt, sesame seeds, and cinnamon powder.


You can reduce your frequency of urination by exercising. Kegel exercises, for instance, ought to be utilized often. The muscles in the pelvis and perineum are intended to be tightened by level exercises. Shortening and strengthening the pubococcygeal muscles are involved. You can regain bladder control by learning how to do the kegel exercise.

Verify that your blood sugar levels are within the recommended range.

Monitoring your blood sugar levels may be all that is necessary to control frequent urination. People will occasionally urinate because one of the signs of diabetes is frequent urination. You should visit your doctor straight away and start treatment as a result.

Avoid irritants at all costs.

To start, try to minimize how much water you consume before night because doing so will reduce your probability of passing urine. You can achieve this by skipping water for two to four hours before going to bed. Smoking should also be avoided since it activates the muscles in the bladder, which eventually results in pee.

Get rid of any extra weight you may be carrying.

This can be explained by the fact that having more body mass puts more pressure on your urinary tract. Small amounts of urine can leak out without your notice under these kinds of stress conditions, which is known as incontinence.

There is cushioning for protection.

A pad or protective underpants are further options. The pads prevent leaks while causing no discomfort. They’ll help you limit your urination while you’re taking medication, which is a benefit.

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