Illegal Mining Activities Would Be Not Functional In The Country After 109 Days Prayers -Apostle


The founder and leader of the Soldiers Of Christ Prayer Group Of All Churches in Kumasi, Apostle Dr Dirl Airl King Mashal has predicted that the activities of illegal mining in the country would soon be ended.

He noted that the fight against the menace has though become a difficult task for the government to solve it.

Stressing that if God says it can end today no earthly person can say no.

Speaking to the Content Writer, King Amoah in an interview the clergy alleged that God has directed him and his prayer warriors to pray against the illegal mining in the country.

King Mashal indicated that under the Divine instructions, God allegedly tasked him and his church members to pray and fast for 109 days.

Adding that after the said 109 days they should add another 4 days fasting and prayers and see a true miracle on how God would stop the unlawful mining practices in the country.hat 

According to King Mashal, God is not ready to see water shortages, pollution of water bodies and all forms of environmental degradation in the country anymore.

Since in creation God believes that water is life, as without water the existence of man would be risky on earth.

The clergy said his group have since 1st October 2022 started the said prayers and fasting.

And charged Ghanaians to count the days from October 1 2022 up to the 109 days plus the additional 4 day and see what God would do for the country.

Asked on why he has kept silent for a long time for people to destroy our environment through illegal mining but find it appropriate to speak now.

 King Mashal said God’s time is the best because in all those days God never revealed anything to him to tell the world.

And moreover he can also not come out to give false prophesy, he concluded.

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