Journalist Urges National Executives Of The Ndc To Probe The Recent Elections In The Ashanti Region.


A Kumasi based journalist Mr David Armstrong Amoah has passionately appeal to the National Executive Committee Members of the National Democratic Congress (Ndc) to probe the recent Constituency polling stations elections in the Ashanti Region.

According to the journalist who works with the Daily Democrat newspaper as the Ashanti Regional Correspondent, he suspects foul play about the manner in which the elections were conducted in some parts of the Region.

The Daily Democrat reporter alleged that some supporters of the Npp managed to influence some of the Ndc elements to help some Npp activists to obtain and fill nomination forms to contest the elections in the name of the Ndc.

These alleged Npp supporters also managed to acquire Ndc membership cards though it was clear to legitimate party members that those people are not residents within the Constituencies they wanted to contest for elections.

The reporter intimated that under the Ndc constitution a party member is qualified to contest for elections when the person is recognized as a card bearer of the party.

The person should also be known or a resident in the Constituency that he or she intend to contest for any position.

But in some parts of the Ashanti Region, several complains that he gathered alleged that some of the Constituency executives never applied the party’s rules in the vetting procedures to enhance credible elections.

Some strange faces were seen and given the opportunities to pick and fill nomination forms in some Constituencies in the region to enable them contest for elections the reporter alleged.

Stressing that during one of his rounds in the region some Ndc activists allegedly informed him that some supporters of the Npp have infiltrated the çamps of the Ndc.

Apparently to impose themselves as members of the Ndc to siphon vital information to the Npp.

To help them (Npp) to break the ‘8’. yet the Constituency executives care not to take actions when information are given to them.

Mr Armstrong indicated that since electoral wining of political power always comes from the polling stations, hence his humble appeal to the bigwigs of the Ndc to set up a probe

To delve into the backgrounds of all those who contested for the various positions in the recent polling stations elections in the Ashanti Ndc.

And if possible extend it to all the regions in the country to avoid elections confusion in the 2024 polls.

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