Men: You Should Never Say These Words To A Lady Or Ask Her These Questions


Women are naturally sensitive, they have a high temperament. It takes only few words and you’ll ruin your relationship with a woman. Compared to men who have the natural spirit of overlooking certain things, a woman won’t.

On the surface, they’ll look calm and cool. Though some will make it visible, their highly troubled deep down but as a result of their nature and how they were created, they won’t let it out.

Here are a few words you should never say to a lady if you don’t want to ruin your relationship with her:

1. Asking her whether she’s out of her mind during an argument.

2. Talking ill of her in public, to make things worst, behind her back.

3. Asking her why she’d gained weight all of a sudden.

4. Complimenting her, either indoors or in public. It may seem nice but ladies can testify how embarrassing it is.

5. Shouting at her, either indoors or in public.

6. Insulting her one true friend who offended her, how are you sure she still doesn’t have feelings for him or her or the matter can’t be resolved.

7. To lovers, it is quite inappropriate for a lady with a boyfriend to be hanging out or having a male best friend, but do you think it’s right to prevent her from meeting or having a friendly relationship with a guy? It’s a no-no, you don’t have that right.

8. Telling her not to bother or disturb you when you’re busy knowing perfectly well that she do know you’re busy but it still pestering you.

9. Asking for her permission before kissing her.

10. Telling her how better your ex was during arguments. In the first place, a man shouldn’t get into an argument with his girlfriend. Clarify things out when necessary and that’s all, a man have to be a man, you don’t have to react back negatively when she offends you.

11. Telling her she’s just like her mom.

12. Telling her she’s the prettiest among all the ladies and that’s why you chose her out of a million.

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