Video: “I Have A Child With Your Husband If He Has Not Told You” Lady Angrily To Agradaa


This seems to be a season of troubles for Rev. Dr. Patricia Oduro also known as Nana Agradaa. As she is currently battling a case of fraud with the law, her personal life is also crashing in on her as another lady battles her for her husband, Pastor Eric Oduro Koranteng.

A new video has surfaced showing a lady raining insults on Nana Agradaa for warning her to stay away from her (Agradaa) husband else she will cut her vag1na away and kill her child if she dares get pregnant and give birth for her(Agradaa) husband.

The yet-to-be-identified lady insulted Agradaa that her pant like a bedsheet and her wig like “kyekyekule” (pronounced: Che-Che-Koolay) among other unprintable insults.

She further added that she already has a child with Nana Agradaa’s husband and as such she is not going to be cowed by Agradaa’s threats and stay silent. “If your husband has not told you already, then I am telling you I have a child with your husband” she fumed.

With all the recent brouhaha surrounding Agradaa, her husband is yet to be seen or heard making any statements regarding the issues.


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