We Are All Lawyers So Don’t Act Like You Know More Than Me – NPP MP Tells Dafeamekpor


Two members of Ghana’s 8th Parliament engaged in a verbal contest today, Saturday, October 15, 2022, in the studios of TV3. Alfred Ocansey engaged his panelists on the issue of galamsey and the trial of Aisha Huang. The trial of Aisha has gone on for some months now and many are asking what will come out of the trial. The government has insisted that they will pursue the case till Aisha is jailed. Some have even called this as prejudicial.

On the show today, Lawyer Nkrabea Effah Dartey noted that he is appalled at how the state is doing everything possible to get his client jailed. He bemoaned how the Minister of Justice and Minister of Lands all appeared in court and are trying to act tough. Interestingly, Effah Dartey mentioned that Aisha’s trial is in two courts; circuit 9 and the high court. He wondered why the case at the circuit court hasn’t been discontinued for the High court to proceed.

This view was supported by MP for South Dayi, Dafeamekpor who said it was illegal for Aisha to be prosecuted this way. He called on the government to have discontinued the first case before they prosecute Aisha at a higher court. According to Dafeamekpor the state wants to use Aisha Huang as a scapegoat instead of prosecuting local kingpins.

Lawyer Appiah Kubi, MP for Asante Akim North boldly said Dafeamekpor had no evidence to say that the case at the lower court hasn’t been discontinued. He added that even if the case is still ongoing, lawyers for Aisha should have written to the court to have the case discontinued instead of nagging. This caused Dafeamekpor to interrupt and called on Godfred Dame, to do the needful. Appiah Kubi however called on Dafeamekpor to be humble because they are both lawyers and know the law.

Aisha is expected to appear in court on October 27. Many say the government intends to prosecute Aisha and calm Ghanaians. Despite calls on the government to prosecute alleged local kingpins involved in galamsey, nothing so far has been achieved. 

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