3 Big Mistakes Men Make That Push Women Away


There are some mistakes that men tend to do that turn off women. A woman will be pissed and completely pushed when you do them consistently. For your relationship to last longer, you have to avoid them and know the things that you should do to make her happy. Therefore as a man, you should avoid doing the following, they turn off women completely.

1. Being overly reliant on a phone.

This has been the main method of ending relationships recently. A man will spend an excessive amount of time on his phone, paying little attention to how his wife or girlfriend is feeling. When you use your phone in front of a woman, she detests it. This is because she suspects you might be corresponding or conversing with other women, which will make her withdraw if she learns of it. When you are near her, put your phones away.

2. Lack of regard and consideration.

Another significant factor that utterly repels women is this. Some men don’t value their ladies as much as they should. She senses that you value her less as a result. Discover how to appreciate her in all that she does. People will feel appreciated. You ought to avoid offending her feelings to demonstrate your concern for her. Unaware of pushing their wives away are males who act as though they don’t care. Treat your girlfriend nicely and with respect.

3. Too much lying.

Men have the habit of about everything. This will affect a woman’s trust in him. Don’t live a fake life to please your woman. Be the real you. It will keep her always. Women like to be told the truth even if it is going to hurt them badly. Too much lying will push away your woman. Just be the real you and she’ll fall in love with who you are. She will love you forever and no man will take her away from you.

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