Avoid Feeding Your Baby These Foods


We are born into this world as babies, then growth takes place gradually until we become, teenagers, adults, and finally age. As babies, the body is very delicate and muct be protected cautiously. Any little harm could result in a permanent damage. Not only that though, babies also have a weak Immune system. That is why it is necessary to take your baby for regular check ups at the hospital.

With that being said we must ensure that by all means necessary, we take very good care of our babies. And also to help strengthen their immune system, by feeding them with foods that aid the process. Further more, there consist certain foods which we must avoid giving babies. The reason is because, these foods do not benefit them in any way. Rather they may affect their health. These foods are;


Salty foods

Sugary foods

Saturated fats

Raw and lightly cooked eggs

Whole nuts and peanuts

And some cheese’s

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