I spent 17 years of my life learning about sex – Marriage counselor


Nichiren Papa Kwamina Amoo

Life coach and marriage counsellor, Nichiren Papa Kwamina Amoo, has said that he spent close to 18 years of his life learning about sex.

According to him, he did that because there is more to sex which majority of people are ignorant about.

He explained that sex is not only about having fun but can be used to heal diseases; hence, it is prudent for couples to invest time in knowing more about it.

“I used about 17 to 18 years of my life learning sex. It is not just penetration, orgasm and fun. There’s more to it. There’s rejuvenation, which most people don’t know.

“You can use sex to heal. There are sex positions for healing heartaches, pressure,” he outlined in an interview on Prime Morning.

Mr Amoo emphasised that the act of having sexual intercourse could be a healthy lifestyle for married people, adding that it is possible for one to have sex for an hour and still be perfectly well.

He, however, advised persons in relationships to know the love language of their partners to enable them to strengthen their unions.

“You need to know the love language of your partner and love that person in his or her language so that the person feels that it is there,” he said.


He cautioned distanced partners to abstain from the act because keeping multiple sexual partners can break marriages.

“It depends on the individual orientations about life. For some people, negative experiences make them to become stronger people because they learn from their negatives and they try to build on it so they don’t repeat them, but some people don’t accept it,” he indicated.


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