The Number One ‘Scripted Leader’ In Africa


The Continent of Africa is known to be the home of many great, successful and failed leaders; and these leaders can be seen heading each of the 54 countries making up the continent.

Just like any other job roles around the world, these African Presidents also have their special roles, which includes ensuring the peace and security if its citizens, converting taxes and resources into developments, enforcing laws, and representing the country in foreign matters.

Another very important duty of these presidents, is to keep citizens informed and updated on current situation; and these updates are given through occasional speeches.

Before these president appear before the public to deliver their updates or speeches, we know many things go on behind the scene, and these includes script writing.

What this means is, there are special people who are employed purposely, to write things the president have to say,; and these people are call the script writers.

The fact is; script writing for presidents is very important, because the scripts help to give the president the KEY WORDS and the very IMPORTANT PHRASES IN THE SPEECH, which will appreciate his/her ability to recall important points throughout the speech.

When a performing president have a good script, he communicate in a way that make people understand, have a true feel of what he is communicating; and also, his listeners will want to hear more. No citizens want to spend time and energy listening to a boring and valueless speeches.

Because citizens believe their leaders are directly involved in the day to day activities on the ground; and also understand the current situations, they experts them to speak on reality, and not read script.

What this means is; when a president is appearing before the citizens, he or she must know and understand what he is coming to say. though he will be speaking from the script, he must communicate the real message to the people. reading script, point by point is a sign of a failed president who also knows nothing on the ground.

The other very important point is, a good and a well performing president is a person on the ground. Now; if the president is really performing; if he or she is really involved in the day to day running of the country, then he must also know and understand the true state of the country.

This means the president; whether a script or no script, he or she can speak, flow and communicate the realities to his citizens, even without looking through the script before him.

We saw these great and excellent communication characteristics in some great African leaders like the Late Former President Mandela of South Africa and the Late Former President JJ Rawlings of Ghana. Anyone who have ever seen these presidents addressing the public will bear witness that, they are men of their own speeches.

JJ Rawlings and Nelson Mandela among other great Great African leaders; speaking to the public displays the sense of maturity and excellency. They hardly look on scripts, or read from them; because they know for real what they want to communicate; and they do it well, as their listeners look and listen in full amazement; and also getting the true feels of the message.

Today in Africa; especially in Ghana, we can see the difference. All we see today are best ‘script reading’ presidents.

We have seen our President Nana Addo and his Vice Dr. Bawumia; and all they do, and could do very well is to come, meet the public and read script.

When they get the golden opportunity to update citizens on the state of affairs in the country, they waste the time and energy, reading scripts. They come, face the public; then look, and look and look again. The sad side is…they never take their eyes off the script, because if they do, they will forget what to say, or have nothing say.

When we have to do real Ghanaian comparisons, then lets go to the days of JJ Rawlings or John Mahama; in all honesty, we have seen their communicating styles. The never look, or read. They come and communicate. The country feels what they say through their actions, their facial expressions and the tones of their voices.

When they come delivering their speeches, JJ Rawlings and John Mahama again for example; in their efforts to make the people get the realities in their messages, what do they do? They blends the local languages and hit straight on the points.

Today, all we see are president and Vice who are experts in standing straight, holding scripts and read out loud. After that, they receives applause from party fans; no one understands the message in their speeches and game over!

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