Your birth date reveals your lifes’ purpose and indicates whether you will succeed or fail


Numerology has been used for countless years to help interpret significance in the overall cosmic system in order. There is a numerical value connected to each letter in your name that may be reduced down to a single vibration. In order to indicate particular aptitudes and personality qualities, the numerical values in your name connect with the numbers in your birthdate.

The Life Path Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 or 22 are all possible for an individual. Find out below what it says about you when you calculate yours.

Ones: The Father

The number one stands for a powerful spiritual force. It serves as the nucleus for all numbers. This may be the reason why Ones are doers. If you are a One, you are bold and active. You don’t let anyone or anything stop you from producing results.

On the other hand, ones tend to be very alone, which might cause loneliness. Because of your ability to constantly to lead, you occasionally have a dislike for people in positions of authority, and your inflated sense of self makes you less receptive to advice.

Twos: The Mother

Since two is viewed as a feminine number, its strength and power are sometimes underrated. Twos are independent artists who are consistently polite, considerate, and diplomatic.If your number is two, you are a born peacemaker with an innate propensity to diffuse conflicts rather than resolve them. Twos are usually underestimated, as was previously said. The best survival are twos. You are frequently the pillar of a family and incredibly resourceful.

Threes: The Talented Child

 Threes are charismatic and talkative people by nature, making them excellent salespeople. If you are a three, you automatically bring vitality to any room and are the life of the party. You are well aware of your inborn ability for creation.

Threes, on the other hand, resemble spoilt teenagers in some ways. They lack , need constant direction, and are either blissfully unaware of or uncaring of the efforts made by others to look out for them.

Fours: The Organizer

Fours lead methodical, sensible lifestyles that are well-organized. If you are a Four, you are stability personified. You work diligently and logically to lay a solid foundation, and you believe that any challenge can be handled with the proper strategy. The 4’s design speaks for itself: rigid, linear lines that leave no opportunity for flexibility or mobility. It is frequently perceived as a more masculine number. However, Fours frequently have a dry, funny, and engaging sense of humor.

Fives: The Free Spirit

Fives are a load of enthusiasm that are constantly seeking out new opportunities and excitement. If you are a Five, your family and friends typically view you as independent and unpredictable. You never pass up an opportunity for an adventure and don’t mind taking risks. Even if you are incredibly devoted, you may also be selfish, reckless, and negligent, leaving a path of destruction for others to clean up.

Your relatives and friends, on the other hand, are astounded by your commitment and tenacity once you set your mind to anything.

Sixes: The Caregiver

The Six is a fixer, also referred to as the maternal number. You dedicate your life to fixing the problems of those who are close to you because you are naturally caring and protective. Sixes will go to great lengths to defend the people they love. They are the thread that holds families and communities together.

Sixes have a strong desire to keep things calm and hate anyone who generates commotion.

Sevens: The Philosopher

Sevens are naturally curious and are drawn to knowing more about the undiscovered. However, you are well capable of taking on this challenge. You have a highly developed, analytical intellect that is incredibly insightful. Sevens see an unfinished puzzle, but others simply see pieces. You have a powerful combination of creative thought and rational application.

Eights: The Professional

The numbers 8 provide a strong emphasis on power, wealth, business, and profession. You are spiritual, yet you also maintain a realistic and earthy spirituality. The difference between false and actual realizations is something you are aware of. You have the ability to quickly create and destroy things, yet you are also perfectly balanced.

Eights emphasize money, but this is not as straightforward as it first appears. You view money as a tool, not as the goal. But Eights can only thrive with help.

Nines: The Humanitarian

Nines are unquestionably the most fascinating number in numerology. Nines have a limitless source of love to give, and they give it to everyone in the globe. They have a global consciousness and understand how all individuals are connected. Compassionate Nines don’t differentiate between helping a close friend and a complete stranger. Because you find it difficult to understand why people do not share your thoughts, you frequently preach your beliefs.

Nine never seeks praise and will do whatever it takes to right a wrong.

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