Be vigilant at borders – Eastern Regional Immigration Commander urges personnel


DCOI Faisal Disu (seated middle), Eastern Regional Commander of the Ghana Immigration Service; ACI Justice Amevor (seated right), Assistant Commissioner of Immigration, and ACI Mohammed Hussein Awal (seated left), Deputy Regional Commander of Immigration, with municipal and district commanders of the service

The Eastern Regional Commander of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), Deputy Commissioner of Immigration, DCOI Faisal Disu, has asked personnel of the service to be alert and vigilant in tracking down foreigners who illegally enter the country to engage in all sorts of criminal activities.

Some of such activities, he indicated include cybercrime, internet fraud, kidnapping, terrorism, galamsey and QNet among others.
DCOI Disu who was recently posted to the Eastern Region was addressing personnel under his command at Koforidua last Wednesday. The personnel were made up of district and municipal sector commanders.

Meeting the personnel for the first time since his posting to the region, he stated that foreigners had illegally entered the country and were carrying out criminal activities such as internet fraud, cybercrime and kidnapping among others.
He said the foreigners who had come to Ghana because the authorities in their countries were on their heels, managed to lure their compatriots and other West African nationals to Ghana, ostensibly for non-existing jobs and defrauded or kidnapped them in the process.
DCOI Disu, therefore, asked the personnel under his command not only to be vigilant at the borders, but also be alert in the cities and towns to help track down foreign criminals.
“These criminals promise others good jobs such as working at the bank in Ghana but in the end rob them of their money,” the Regional Immigration Commander stated.
He explained that such criminals colluded with Ghanaians in carrying out such criminal acts.

Foreign nationals
DCOI Disu noted that “foreign nationals of West Africa have seen Ghana as a good destination to visit, reside in and work but a few have come with some covert behaviour and attitudes that threaten the security and peace the country is enjoying”.
He said the GIS “will do everything possible to strengthen the commands for the personnel to give of their best.”
“It is one of my visions as the Regional Commander to strengthen the command for the personnel to be happy with the work they do.
“Let’s work together to deal decisively with criminals and other unscrupulous persons. I, therefore, want to take the opportunity to advise personnel under my command to exercise due diligence in whatever role they are assigned to perform,” DCOI Disu stated.
On terrorism, he stressed that Ghana could not be spared since the country was also in a region where such activities were carried out. Therefore, he urged personnel to be on the alert, especially at the borders to track them.

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