Ghana’s digital space evolves as Comsys drives agenda


Ghana’s digital space has been one of the best-performing sectors that have grown on average by 19% per year between 2014 and 2020.

With the Ghanaian government adopting digitisation as a key policy objective, a number of programmes designed to develop a more digitally accessible public sector and encourage transparency and efficiency have been introduced.

In order to drive growth in all aspects of the country’s economy, ranging from the recently launched digital currency, to digital payment platforms, digitisation of records, and integration of government records, the digital journey has evolved.

The private sector is not sleeping on its oars either. In the mid-year fiscal policy review of the 2021 budget statement and economic policy, it was clearly observed that the use of mobile money, door door-to-door via courier services and internet usage for business operations have increased significantly with about 77% of businesses increasing the use of the internet in marketing,

New technologies have created new markets that have in turn created competition, with competitors driving new expectations. To succeed in today’s digital world, businesses must not only provide superior experiences for their customers, but deliver on their promises in a faster, more nimble ways.

Comsys, a Ghanaian-owned telecom firm is not just doing that but is driving Ghana’s digital agenda with its superior positioning to drive backend business connectivity needs which will end up giving the business community the opportunity to have whirlwind experiences. Comsys’ self-owned infrastructure across technology platforms have been key in delivering reliable connectivity across the nation.

As expectations increase due to buy-into technology, the firm is also strategically prepared to continue to drive business inventions as its contribution to natural growth through ICT. 

The ICT solutions provider, which takes pride in itself-owned nationwide fibre Infrastructure, Microwave and VSAT networks, has been interconnecting and supporting businesses over the years, through the provision of network connectivity solutions & support services to businesses. Interconnecting their branches for fast and reliable access to their data.

Having earned a reputation for reliability, Comsys delivers value using state -of-the-art technology to ensure business needs are met. Comsys has built reliable networks across Ghana for over a decade and continues to lead the industry as the reliable network provider resulting in increased users annually.

“We have always had an interest in making sure that businesses come to us succeed. Our Services Users are our partners, and we work together. We always want them to be ahead in their industries”, the Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Lamptey said.

“We shall continue to find ways for them to exceed their goals within the connectivity we give them. Whether it will be saving time on transactions with customers or ensuring their storage and backup needs are met… whatever it might be in ICT Telecoms”, the co- founder of Comsys added.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, having remained unbeatable within the enterprise solutions ecosystem since 2013, and is the incumbent enterprise solutions provider for over 10 years, leading to Comsys scooped into the enviable GITTA ICT Hall of Fame Award for the decade.

“This to us was an affirmation of unwavering commitment to our customers and contribution to business growth and economic development in Ghana’s digital space. We are aware we need to remain relevant for our partners to continue to look up to. Therefore, we shall remain the dependable solution provider”, added Jonathan Lamptey.


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