She Did Not Know The Title Of Her Husband’s Favourite Song?


There is a popular adage by Socrates, one of the world’s greatest philosophers that, “every person should know him or herself”.

Well, other philosophers have also said that only a fool claims he knows everything. For some philosophers, it is not the work of a human being to claim to know everything about himself or his family, amongst others.

The wife of Sarkodie, Tracy, engaged in a friendly contest on TV3’s daily show and the episode was to find out her knowledge of her husband’s music.

Even though Tracy answered more questions correctly, some Ghanaians expected her to have known the title of her husband’s favourite song.

Was she expected to know everything about her husband’s music works? Why would some fans expect so much from her? Should the wives of entertainers become involved in their husband’s trade?

Well, Tracy must know something about her husband’s work but not everything. It will not be fair if we expect so much from her.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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