5 outrageous reasons why African visas have been banned


Although to varying degrees, two countries can choose to sever ties with one another, there is hardly any other measure that is more employed than a visa ban, save an economic sanction.

Most times when two countries are hostile towards each other or negligent of each other’s interest, they can choose to semi-literally not speak to each other, to avoid a full-on conflict. Distance in this case can remedy an even worse repercussion.

Ideas like visa bans are an extreme solution with very minimal consequences. They are threats outside of violence and a call to revisit the issue that is creating the hostility.

Africa is no stranger to these sorts of ramifications. There are several instances where an African country or section of the country has been banned from another overseas country. Below is a list of some of the most outrageous reasons why a visa ban or restriction has been placed on an African country(s).

UAE bans Nigeria: This is the most recent entry on this list. As recently as the 21st of October 2022, the United Arab Emirates banned Nigeria from entering its borders. Although this ban does not affect the current Nigerian residents, it affects anyone meaning to travel to the country. The UAE refused to give a reason for its action, they only stated that it and Nigeria must address the bone of contention between them before the ban is lifted. Although the reason is undisclosed, there may be some breadcrumbs that may hint at the reason. Read Story here.

USA bans Ghana and Burundi: Back in February 2019, the United States of America imposed a visa sanction on Ghana. The US was outraged that the Ghanaian government refused to accept Ghanaian nationals deported from the US back into the country. As a result, the US placed a Visa ban on Ghana. A similar case happened with Burundi. The nation refused to take back its deported citizens thereby infuriating the US government.

USA bans Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, and Tanzania: This is on the more outrageous side of the spectrum as ex-President Donald Trump restraining immigrants from Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Sudan, and Tanzania from entering the U.S. He noted that it had to do with security, and decided to place a ban on Muslim-majority nations.

USA bans Uganda and DRC: Not soo much a travel restriction on the country, as it is a travel restriction on specific people in the country. The United States banned government officials from coming to its country as a result of election malpractice in 2019. In 2021, the US banned Ugandan government officials for similar reasons, banning anyone believed to have been responsible for undermining the democratic process during the Ugandan general elections.

UK bans Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia: This ban was a result of the Ebola scare in 2014. These countries were said to have an Ebola epidemic on the horizon and numerous world governments wanted to contain it. Not so much an outrageous reason, other countries followed suit, restricting travels to and fro from these nations primarily, and other African countries.

Worldwide ban to Africa: Etched painfully in recent memories, the Covid-19 pandemic stirred a global paranoia, the likes which have never been seen. This particular subject merits its list, but due to its sheer scale of magnitude, this event deserves a mention. The UK, USA, China, Europe, and more banned numerous African countries from stepping into their borders. The African countries banned are too numerous to list, and the countries doing the banning are too numerous to list.


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