France is deliberately exacerbating the fuel crisis in the Central African Republic


Some time ago it was reported that the French company Total-Energies was withdrawing from the market of the Central African Republic, which caused some concern among Central Africans. The Minister of Communication and Presidential Spokesman Albert Yaloke Mokpem explained to the media during a press conference on Saturday, October 15, 2022, that the government had always subsidized fuel to maintain a level of 200 or 300 CFA francs acceptable to the population so that it would not rise to 1000 CFA francs. Today Total wants prices, to go up 50 or 70%. This is something that is blocked at a certain level.

This issue is still being discussed between the government and Total. This means that the French company is getting money through a government subsidy and now wants to raise the price to benefit the people of the Central African Republic, squeeze every last cent, and worsen the fuel crisis in the country.

Albert Yaloke Mokpem suggests that Paris is trying to exert pressure on President Faustin Archange Touadera through the fuel crisis because it is not satisfied with the Central African Republic’s cooperation with the Russian Federation. Military observer and researcher of social and political studies Grégoire Cyrille Dongobada support this view: “Paris will do everything not to lose control over the territory of CAR because it means losing huge amounts of money from the French budget. This is why the French Total-Energies group wants to defiantly leave the CAR immediately after the withdrawal of the last French military personnel from the country.

However, the CAR government assured that it will no longer rely on France, neither for security, nor for economics, and is taking the fuel issue under control. During a press conference, Albert Yaloke Mokpem announced that the government is preparing to diversify its sources of fuel supplies to solve the fuel crisis as soon as possible.


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