Ghana Club 100 Awards: miLife Insurance Ghana wins top rank insurance company


miLife is a digitally-enabled Ghanaian life insurer which leverages technology to improve

insurance access to the underserved; Partnering with major telecom providers such as MTN

and Vodafone. miLife is one of the highest growth, innovative and profitable insurers in the

As the company focuses on making insurance simple, affordable and more accessible, miLife has led innovations in the Ghanaian Life Insurance Sector. Such innovations have contributed to making insurance affordable and more accessible.

From its beginnings, miLife has significantly evolved its products and distribution over time

to lower costs, increase access and making insurance easy to understand for those with

limited financial literacy. Over the past three years, miLife has grown at an average of 61% year on year.

The C.E.O, Mr. Kwaku Asuamah Yeboah has sustained the rise of the company market presence, market share, premium income, profitable thereby transforming miLife into an insurance powerhouse. Kwaku has guided miLife through several challenging situations, and in each of these his ability to make sound decisions has helped the business achieve remarkable success. When he is convinced that a cause is worth perusing, he garners support for it and executes with all decisiveness. He is a collaborative leader who inspires hope even in the most erratic, unexpected, and challenging situations.


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