Girlfriend wants me to pay loan she and ex-lover took to prove my love – Ghanaian man


However, it appears that the loan was not utilized on any profit-yielding project, and the then-lover did not put any measures in place for its repayment.

The repayment time is obviously due, and the lady has resorted to emotional blackmail to coerce her new boyfriend to assist her service the loan.

The young man sought advice from Accra-based Citi FM/Citi TV’s ‘Sister Sister’ relationship show on how to handle the matter.

“I have tried explaining to her that it’s not right but she insists I should pay it if I love her to avoid her things being auctioned,” the man said, as sighted in a post on Sister Sister’s Facebook page.

The post has triggered numerous reactions, with people cautioning the young man against kowtowing to the demand of his lover.

What runs through most of the reaction is that the premise on which the lady is making her demand is unwise and manipulative. In their view, she is using emotional blackmail to get what she doesn’t deserve from her boyfriend.

It remains unclear how much loan is in question, what it was used for, and what the lady’s ex-lover is doing about the debt.


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