5 Nigerian men talk about having anal sex and its dangers


Many people might fancy anal sex if they want to avoid pregnancy or are voyeuristic. Though, there are some health implications and dangers.

One of the dangers of anal sex is anal leakage or overstretching of the anus. Another risk is unprotected anal sex makes you more susceptible to infections because the flesh in the anus is quite thin.

The anus also has a lot of bacteria, so wash up after oral sex. Anal sex can also be very painful without lubrication.

Here is what Nigerian men had to say about anal sex;


“When I had it was quite difficult, she kept on wincing and whining. Did I enjoy it? Sure I did, but I don’t think she did.”


“It was really nice, we used a lot of lube, so it was smooth sailing. I really enjoyed it, I think she did too.”


“Why would I do anal sex? Am I gay? That’s so gay, please.”


“I don’t bring up the issue of anal sex because I feel it will hurt her and I don’t wanna do that. I love the women I sleep with, I don’t want to hurt them.”


“I haven’t even thought about anal sex, I know it’s dangerous, but I’m not sure about what the dangers are.”


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