MzBel blasts Abeiku Santana for calling her ‘former’ artiste (WATCH)


MzBel was addressing an unwarranted statement made by Abeiku, who discouraged Cheif One, an up-and-coming artiste, from working with her. According to the artiste, his greatest dream is to work with Mzbel.

During the Okay FM show, Abeiku Santana also described Mzbel as a former artiste.

I had decided not to address this issue but Tonardo has commented on it and it is about Abeiku Santana…I was sent a video that captured Abeiku saying negative things about me when a singer expressed his desire to do a song with me,”MzBel said.

In a Facebook live video, she continued that “I won’t say that I am the best musician but I still make songs. No matter what you think, at least some people love my songs. I have been doing music for about 18 years. Abeiku is one of the few people who have sabotaged me, backbit me and turn around to smile with me. He acts as if he supports me”.

Further blasting the radio presenter, she emphasized that “he will sabotage you if you don’t suck up to him or include him on your team. He will sabotage you to the bone.”

Talking about her allegedly sabotaged ECG deal, she said “I remember back in the day, my team and I drafted a proposal to the ECG to campaign against illegal connections. They accepted it and pledged their support. I received a call from one of their high offices.

Abeiku drove from his house to go question why ECG authorities selected me instead of big artistes like Sarkodie, and the likes of Yvonne Nelson. He told them that I wasn’t good enough. He had the worst things to say about me. The person who gave me the tip-off is a big man, he told me everything word for word,” she claimed.

Hear more from her in the video below.


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