For men: Here’s how to fake orgasm if you are not feeling it


One doesn’t achieve orgasms easily. There’s a lot of touching, grabbing, kissing and foreplay at hand that can arouse one enough to climax later.

There are times when you are not up for it, the performance pressure is too high. Having an orgasm is the best but there can be moments when you are not feeling it that much but because of your partner, you have to fake it. For those moments here are tips to help you:

Turn off the lights, and make it so dark that your partner cannot see a thing you are doing. So when you get rid of the condom during the climax, your partner will not see you cumming.

Your eyes may just say everything if your mouth is not. Avoid any kind of eye contact at that moment because your partner may just see through you. Every person has a unique facial expression when they orgasm, and you can stick to that only when you have seen your own face when you cum.

Faking your orgasm while in certain positions may be very difficult. So try different positions when you feel like faking an orgasm due to whatever reason known best to you.

When you feel you should be having an orgasm, that moment, quickly go down on your partner. Pretend you have climaxed with some moaning and be swift in going down so that your partner cannot see what happened.

Keep your reactions normal and do not make them sound like adult films which are fake and over-exaggerated. Act naturally and do not take your performance so seriously that it gets suspicious.

  • Don’t fake any other thing

During post-sex, stick to the normal activities. Do nothing extra to make them question you. Women are smart and intuitive so do what you always do.


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