Ghana is hard; You are sick if you don’t wake at 3am every dawn to scream ‘ei’ – Sam George


Sam Goerge was speaking on Metro TV. He said, “Kwesi if you go to bed at maybe 10:00 pm and you can sleep till 6:00 am in this country then you have sleeping sickness“.

In the video going viral, he explained that “because I tell you, everybody who is normal by 3:00 am you will wake up and shout ‘eiiiiiiii’ because you have to wake up and shout. Because even in your sleep, your sleep is afraid of sleep“.

He added that “because you are wondering how you will make earns meet … because look, it is fearful“. The comment by Sam George in the video below has since sparked mixed reactions on social media.

Very true… me ampaa I could sleep aaa till 12pm on weekends….. these days by 2:30am I’m awake afei na ato plans,” an Instagrammer user said. Another added that “It’s true oooo, I always wake up automatically around 1:30am and my eyes refuses to close afterwards. It is well. This tooo shall pass“.

These comments come to the complaints by many Ghanaians that the economic hardship has become unbearable. Watch the video below to hear from how Sam George has presented the ries of Ghanaians.


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