Staycation: Here’s how newlyweds can have honeymoon at home


Why not do a staycation, a honeymoon at home?

After learning about how to celebrate your honeymoon at home, you are going to be super prepared for your relaxing vacation as a newly married couple.

Here’s how to have your at-home honeymoon and get some romantic DIY for your spouse:

For a romantic honeymoon at home, why not grab a romantic dinner to go? Check to see if you can order carryout or delivery from your favourite romantic restaurant.

Once the food makes it to your home, serve it 5-star restaurant style. Set the table with these tall dinner candles and elegant candle holders to really set the scene.

If you want to match the theme of your honeymoon, consider the cuisine that is normally served in your dream honeymoon destination and order from restaurants that serve that style of food.

Take turns being each other’s massage therapist and relax like it’s a spa day. Make it simple by meditating. Turn your bed into a massage table and give each other rejuvenating massages. If you’re not the best at giving massages, try using a deep-tissue massage gun. This portable muscle massager is absolutely amazing, and I use it all of the time to loosen up my muscles.

After a nice massage, hop in the bathtub for a relaxing bubble bath together. Dim the lights, add a few candles and play some soothing sounds to create a real spa environment.

Snap a few photos or capture the moments on video. Your honeymoon is special, and the world deserves to eventually see the amazing work you did for your DIY honeymoon at home!

Take some pictures and maybe vlog your at-home vacation together! It could make for great content if you ever want to start a YouTube channel together one day.

What is a honeymoon if you don’t indulge in intimate relationships with your partner?

Contrary to the romanticized idea of what happens on honeymoon night, having sex is not the only thing couples do. Scratch that, of course, it is!

This is a time to explore your physical attraction with your partner and learn about their bodies.


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