Suspected thieves run mad, eat grass like goats after car owner hires fetish priests


According to, 45-year-old Nelson Ogwang, a driver, and 27-year-old Jacob Okello, a mechanic, lost their senses, ate grass and died after the car owner contracted witch doctors to find the people who stole parts of his car.

The two had allegedly conspired to steal a vehicle distributor cable from a Nissan pickup, registration number UAL 589H that belongs to Ogwang’s boss Jimmy Omuge, a local businessman.

Denis Obote, a resident narrated that when Ogwang denied the allegations, Omuge hired the services of two witch doctors from Butaleja District to identify the person who had broken into his car and stolen the cable.

The witchdoctors arrived in Bala Town Council on Sunday at Omuge’s home where residents had gathered. The spiritualists gave a brief grace period for whoever was responsible for the theft to confess, but nobody owned up.

The witchdoctors then prepared a concoction of fresh leaves mixed with some liquid and forced three men to drink in front of the crowd,” Obote recounted.

The three included Ogwang, Okello and a man identified as Tony Aber.

After a while, when nothing happened to the three suspects after they had taken the concoction, impatient residents attempted to lynch the witch doctors.

They performed their witchcraft and told the people gathered that the suspects will run mad and start eating grass. This took so long without any outcome, hence people became impatient since Omuge also claimed he paid Shs5.5m for the services,” North Kyoga police spokesperson, Patrick Jimmy Okema.

He added that it took the intervention by police officers to save the witch doctors from being mobbed.

Then, interestingly, the next day, the very predictions by the witch doctors started to manifest.

On Monday, all three went to Tecambia Trading Centre where people were gathered and started eating grass like goats,” Samuel Elyak, the LCIII chairman of Bala Sub-county recounted.

Ogwang and Okello died at around 4:00 pm, while the third suspect, Aber ran mad and has since vanished from the area.

The bodies of the deceased were taken to Lira Regional Referral Hospital mortuary for postmortem, Pulse Kenya reports.


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