Taskforce arrests chief and 3 retired soldiers over galamsey


The news website reports that some people working at a mining site with an excavator and other mining equipment when the task force arrived. They abandoned the equipment and fled.

Shortly after the illegal miners escaped, the chief and the retired soldiers emerged, claiming to be the owners of the concession, TLG mining company.

The task force arrested them, although they claimed that the company is duly silenced to mine minerals in the area.

Some movable equipment at the site were confiscated whiles tents used by the illegal miners as shelter were also set ablaze.

The suspects are in custody at Nkwatia Police station for investigation.

Activities of illegal miners have destroyed acres of vegetation and polluted the River-Pra, the only source of water for residents in Kwahu Praso and its surrounding communities.

Illegal mining is a canker that successive governments have failed to address, despite its devastating impact on the environment, water bodies, farmlands, and residences, among other things.

Millions have been sunk into curbing it, including several task forces, all of whom have not been able to end the illegality and it continues to threaten the very existence of the country.


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