Soldiers guard Chief Justice, ministers, judges but they say I don’t deserve it – Bagbin cries


He went further to speak about how people who are relatively below his rank have soldiers protecting them, while the government says he doesn’t deserve the same treatment.

He said this during an engagement with the parliamentary press corps. It was the first time Bagbin commented on the withdrawal of military personnel attached to his security detail by the Ghana Armed Forces in January this year.

“The Chief Justice has a military, as well as Ministers, have their own and each Supreme Court Judge but the EC Chair has a battalion. My brothers at the Ministry of Defense and Interior both have and the Attorney General has his own. The same as the Minister for Finance but the Speaker is not entitled to a military.

“When I was second deputy Speaker, the Office of the same President approved his staff sergeant to by military attaché. For four good years, the staff sergeant was with me.

“Now, I’ve been elected as the Speaker, which is a higher position, and the same president says I’m not entitled to military attachment,” the speaker lamented.

He was however quick to say that despite the withdrawal of the soldiers from his security detail, he feels safe.


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