5 simple foods that kill fertility


When attempting to get pregnant, a woman needs to be careful about the meals she eats.

It takes tremendous effort to prepare the body to become a mother and those who are planning would not want to eat items that will lower the chances.

Thus, here is a list of everyday foods that you must avoid in order to increase your chances of becoming a mother.

Aspartame is the common chemical used to sweeten foods to increase taste which can harm DNA replication. Thus, it’s better to avoid anything which contains it especially sugar-free foods. While it is difficult to eliminate all artificial sweeteners from your life immediately, there is an option. Stevia is a plant-based alternative to artificial sweeteners and ordinary sugar.

While low-fat dairy provides calcium and beneficial intestinal bacteria, it also contains androgens such as testosterone. And too much testosterone can disrupt your equilibrium. So, it’s best to forget about skimmed milk that’s killing your fertility and opt for full-fat dairy instead. But do not go overboard with that too, just one serving of it is enough for the day.

  • Foods with high pesticides

As per a recent study, it was found that women with high pesticide exposure were 26% less likely to get pregnant than those with less pesticide exposure, To avoid pesticides, make sure that you buy and eat more organic fruits & vegetables and those that are low in pesticides such as pineapple, cabbage sweet corn, asparagus, papaya, frozen peas, avocados and onion.

Trans fats can damage blood vessels that carry vital nutrients to your reproductive organs. Trans fats are any foods that are fried. Other non-fried fats that include trans fats are baked treats, with shortening, microwave popcorn, and potato chips. This also includes potato chips that are marked baked.

Replace slow or bad carbohydrate choices like rice and all-purpose flour with slow-burning or complex carbs like quinoa and whole wheat flour.


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