Colleges of Education principals want trainees to feed themselves, ministry intervenes


According to PRINCOF, it was becoming increasingly difficult for colleges to continue to provide three meals a day to students at Six Cedis, Fifty Pesewas (C6.50).

It lamented that requests for an increment in the feeding grant have not received the needed attention.

“Principals of Colleges of Education have been trying very hard to feed trainee teachers in recent times as a result of current market trends. Prices of all food items have shot up astronomically, and food suppliers have refused to supply any food items to Colleges because of the indebtedness of Colleges to these suppliers,” the letter read.

The development comes after agitations by trainees at Mount Mary College of Education in Somanya in the Eastern region, accusing the school of embezzlement of funds meant to be reimbursed to them.

According to the unhappy students, they paid for their feeding for four months, and after the Student Loan Trust Fund released a fund to be reimbursed to them, the school’s management allegedly refused to pay them.

They alleged that the Student Representative Council and the school management had connived to embezzle the fund, to which each student was entitled to GHc 784.00.


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