Revoke new GES Director’s appointment or we’ll go on strike – Teacher Unions to Akufo-Addo


The unions, since the appointment of Dr. Eric Nkansah on October 19, have opposed the move, arguing that the new GES Director-General does not qualify to occupy the position.

In a communique read to the press at its annual meeting on Sunday (30 October), GNAT described the latest appointment as unfortunate, stressing that the appointee is not an educationist.

The general secretary of GNAT Thomas Tanko Musah, who read the communique was also concerned about the contract extension for the deputy director general of the GES.

“The position of the director general of Ghana Education Service is the preserve of educationists and has since been occupied by educationists since its creation in the 1970s and remains as such even in military regimes.

“Council finds the replacement of Prof Opoku-Amankwa with Dr Eric Nkansah, a banker as unfortunate and untenable,” he said.

The Government has on the other hand indicated that the unions do not have the right to determine who is appointed.

In an interview with Citi News, the National President of the NAGRAT, Angel Carbonu said the government must listen to the unions.

He also lashed out at the Education Ministry PRO, Kwasi Kwarteng, who has in the past criticised the unions’ stance.

Mr. Kwarteng recently said the unions should focus on teacher welfare and not government appointments.


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