Period diarrhoea? Here’s why this happens, remedies


It is surely not a pleasant feeling. However, it’s normal to have diarrhoea before or during periods.

The same hormonal changes that cause contraction of your uterus and its lining can also have an effect on your gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

While usually, it is not a matter of grave concern, steps should be taken to either prevent or reduce your symptoms regarding period poop. Here’s how:

Why does period diarrhoea happen?

Diarrhoea is nothing but an increased frequency of motions. These may be loose and watery.

Hormonal changes during periods are normal. Due to this, certain chemicals are released. These chemicals are known as prostaglandins.

So, when prostaglandins act on the uterus, a woman experiences abdominal cramps, and if these chemicals are released in the intestine, it may be experienced as diarrhoea.

How to get rid of period diarrhoea

The following measures can help curb the symptoms of diarrhoea or pain during periods:

  • Increase your fibre intake

The simplest thing to do to deal with period poop is to increase your fibre intake during periods. High fibre diet mostly includes salads and fruits.

Foods such as artificial sweeteners, dairy products, and spicy and very sugary foods can also aggravate your diarrhoea.

  • Improve your fluid intake

If you tend to have period diarrhoea, you should improve your fluid intake because persistent diarrhoea can dehydrate you. To deal with dehydration, take an electrolyte solution, ORS, Glucon-D mixed with water or coconut water.


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