Uganda Airlines is on track to set up shop in Nigeria


Uganda Airlines has revealed that it plans to enter the aviation ecosystem in West Africa, starting from Nigeria.

The CEO of Uganda Airlines, Jenifer Bamuturaki, made the announcement on Monday, during the 18th Akwaaba Africa travel and tourism market held in Lagos.

She noted that flights from Uganda to Lagos would commence before 2022 runs out, while flights to Abuja will begin in the new year.

“I am happy to tell you that we, the Uganda Airlines, will begin our flights to Nigeria for, the first time in history, in December 2022.” She said.

“This will be our first flight to West Africa, we will begin that and then, begin to grow slowly. When we come to Nigeria, we will be working through recognized travel agents and tour operators.” She added.

She also noted that one of the challenges which Uganda Airlines has been able to mitigate is the hike in aviation fuel. She revealed that the airline managed the situation by increasing sales of different travel and holiday packages.

During her keynote delivery at the event, she took the opportunity to encourage more women to aspire to leadership positions.

Being the CEO of a national outfit, she admitted that it felt so satisfying to occupy a leadership position in a male-dominated industry.

“I feel so honored because there are not many women in leadership roles in the aviation industry. So, to be recognized is a good thing because there are few women in the industry.” She said.

“It is not easy for women because it is a male-dominated society, we have more men flying, more men doing dispatch, and fewer women. Most women want to go for the easy area which is cabin crew but I want to encourage women to look at the other side which is the administration and leadership areas, it is fulfilling but difficult.” She added.


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