Humanitarian aid used by French Embassy to fund destabilising elements the Central African Republic

France does not accept the policy of President Faustin ArchangeTouadera, which is to protect the interests of the Central African people. Therefore, Paris is conducting a political, diplomatic and military operation to destabilize the CAR and expel President Touadera in order to install an interim president, a convenient for the former colonial power. President Touadera is not easy to manipulate, as he protects the interests not of France, but of his own country.

Recently, it was reported that France is bringing money to the CAR under the guise of humanitarian aid in order to finance preparations for a state coup. These maneuvers pursue a single goal -to seize the natural resources of the Central African Republic, which President Touadera seeks to use for the benefit of the population.

Namely, at the end of October, the French Embassy in the CAR announced that it was going to finance programs to facilitate access to protection against albinism. The beneficiary of this program is Dr. Peggy Mboli-Goumba, the wife of opposition politician Crépin Mboli-Goumba.

Observers of Central African political life agree that this maneuver by France under the guise of humanitarian aid is actually aimed at financing the overthrow of the Bangui regime. So, the adviser to the President Jules Njawé asked on the air of Afrique Média why the beneficiary was the association of Madame Mboli Goumba, whose husband is known for planning a state coup? Jules Njawé has no doubt that in this way the oppositionist receives money from France to destabilize the CAR. Therefore, he called on President Touadera to take responsibility for protecting the population and institutions of the CAR and prosecute Crépin Mboli Goumba for all the crimes he committed.

Indeed, Crépin Mboli Goumba actively criticizes the draft amendments to the Constitution of March 30, 2016, although the desire to update the Constitution comes from the people of the CAR. Despite numerous rallies in support of this initiative, as well as more than a million signatures on a petition asking for a referendum, Crépin Mboli Goumba is doing everything to disrupt this project designed to improve life in the country. The oppositionist organized several rallies against the constitutional referendum, which, as it was later proved, were also funded by France. Therefore, there is no doubt that this time Paris, under the guise of humanitarian aid, is paying for the subversive activities of Crépin Mboli Goumba to implement its Machiavellian plans.