Ex-Doe recounts how Ex-President Rawlings resolved his “Beef” with Chicago

Ex- Doe released a diss song called ‘Maba’, and Chicago also subsequently released a counter diss song, ‘Nipa Ye Adea Ose Ayeyi’. Both songs became the talk of the town then.

In 2018, Ex-Doe came out to state that the beefing did not help him because Ghanaians tagged him as a beefing artiste.

He then came out with albums like ‘Dzibodzi’ (Patience), ‘Wobeko’ (You would go) and ‘Daben’ (What day). ‘Wobeko’ was a direct response to X-Doe’s ‘Maba’ (I have come) track, which attacked Reggie Rockstone (Oseikrom president) and Chicago himself.

For many years, nothing has been heard of the artiste. Some have suggested his career has hit a nosedive but the duo has hinted on new releases in the coming months ahead.

In a recent interview with Felicia Osei on the Adwuma Adwuma show on Onua FM, Ex Doe recounted how the late former President Jerry John Rawlings helped resolved his issues with Chicago.

According to him, beefing in the music industry was invented by them and that their beef was so intense and huge that the former president had to call them to order.

“He had to call us to sign a bond of good behavior because the beef was getting out of hand” he said.

In his words, beef was not common in their time due to the presence of the military and that a lot of musicians could not produce profane songs because of the heavy presence of military and discipline in the country which was instilled by the late president.

Ex Doe also explained how they produced good music in their time because of the level of discipline in the country not like what is happening in recent times.

Richard Kwasi Siaw Afrofi aka Ex Doe is one of the pioneers of the hiplife movement. He was first a part of a group called the Traditional rulers before going solo. In 1996, he collaborated with Chicago on ‘Daavi mede kuku’ and registered his first hit, the most popular Ewe hiplife song to date.

Even though he is an Akan, he has known more for his Ewe lyrics due to the song’s popularity. He and Chicago got into some misunderstanding over who deserved the credit for that hit.

His second hit, ‘Maba’ was a diss to Reggie Rockstone and Chicago. Rockstone never responded to the diss but Chicago did on his ‘Wobeko’ and the media war between the two helped to promote both singles.

Ex-Doe tried to incorporate Chinese into his next album but it did not yield the success he expected. He disappeared from the hiplife scene for a long time and then resurfaced featuring on Tic Tac’s hit, “Beware of dog”. He currently features several hits including, ‘Obolo’ by Nasty Tay.

He also hosted a TV market and entertainment show called Hello Ghana at a point. He is currently working on new material.

Some of his songs include Yebre, Daavi mede kuku, Gogo wo ho, Comfort, and Good one there.