Outrage and praise trail Kenya’s relief aid package to Somalia as people are unsure how to feel

East Africa has been on the receiving end of a very unrelenting drought throughout the year. The odd weather patterns have drastically cut down on food production in the region, to the point where economic activities have been affected.

While climate change is a global issue, it is particularly devastating for nations that are ill-equipped to deal with its effect. As a result, many African countries are either in or on the brink of a food emergency.

Somalia is one of the said countries. Although the appropriate authorities have been slow to officially declare that the country is experiencing a famine, the data shows that around 8 million people in the region are very close to starvation. Read the story here.

This hunger crisis, alongside very violent civil unrest, has caused the displacement of numerous Somalians, particularly, the more vulnerable in their society.

It is this fact that made Kenya take notice and despite its pending food crisis, aid Somalia. Kenya has donated a planeload of relief supplies to neighboring Somalia. The relief aid was in response to the Somalian bombing that claimed the lives of over 100 Somalians.

“We feel the pain that our brothers and sisters in Somalia are feeling and we are grateful to President William Ruto for this initiative which will help alleviate the suffering of our neighbors.” Said Colonel Victor Kang’ethe.

According to the statement released by Kenya’s military, the shipment included assorted food items and various assorted drugs.

The Kenyan government’s efforts have undoubtedly stirred mixed reactions on social media.

Some laud the intentions while others are outraged that the Kenyan government would aid another country when its own is in dire need of assistance.