We’ll spend $8million on the Black Stars at the group stage in Qatar 2022 – Sports Minister

However, he gave a break down on what the team is expected to spend at the various stages of the competition.

Per the explanations, Ghana will $8.792,600 should the team make it to the Round of 16. That amount will escalate to $9,512,200 should the Black Stars make it to the quarter finals and $14,184,100 if Ghana makes it to the semi-finals.

These revelations come after the Minister initially said he might not be able to disclose the full budget for the tournament last week.

According to him, the Black Stars’ bonuses will remain the same as what they revived in Brazil eight years ago due to the current economic situation in the country.

“We have negotiated with the Black Stars on all their incentives as far as this World Cup is concerned but once we get to the tournament, we will make it public to Ghanaians,” Mr. Ussif said during the Walk of the Legends event over the weekend.

“Everybody will know how much the Black Stars are going to take. What we have indicated to them is that we are not going to increase what they had in Brazil, so whatever they had in Brazil stays because of the current economic circumstances.

“We have budgeted for the entire tournament, and where we are going to reach will determine how much we are going to spend, so until we finish the tournament we can’t tell you how much we’re going to spend. But we have a budget estimated for the entire tournament.”

Ghana will face a difficult test in Qatar, having been paired alongside Portugal, Uruguay, and South Korea in Group H.