Ghana to receive $500m support in development assistance from UN

Charles Abani, the UN Resident Coordinator in Ghana in what he describes as “realignment,” revealed that the new framework (2022-2025) is expected to scale up assistance to over $500 million.

“This is a gross increase in the value that comes through the UN system into Ghana. The 261 (million) that we announced at the Global Citizens (festival) is the core part of that and that has been secured already.”

In an interview on JoyTV, Charles Abani said its facility is in readiness to aid Ghana’s development.

“For the rest, we are in the motion of raising that fund, which backs my pledge that we stand ready to support,”

According to a report titled, ‘The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Sustainable Development in Africa’, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) noted that “Africa is facing a double crisis with the combined effects of the war in Ukraine and of the Covid-19 pandemic now is a critical time for action.”

“It is time to intensify efforts and reframe development finance, strengthen resilience in African economies, and foster economic transformation as a key driver for change in Africa,” the report added.

Charles Abani noted that the UN is collaborating with Ghanaian agencies to avert the impact of these exogenous factors hindering sustainable development.

He stressed that “We need to ensure that we are investing in things that matter most. We should work more on strengthening Ghana’s institutions and the capacity of Ghanaians,”

The United Nations is hopeful the government of Ghana will cooperate with its officials to successfully flesh out the cooperation framework.