Here are the 6 African countries expected to have the highest growth in population

The globally accepted consensus of the world’s population is currently at 8 billion, with some countries contributing more to this number than others.

In this regard, Africa is no different, on the high end of the spectrum is Nigeria which currently has a population surpassing 200 million people, and a growth rate of 2.39%.

According to World Population Review, a company focused on demographic data, these numbers simply denote that Nigeria is on track to become the 3rd most populated country in the world. Read the story here.

The data from the United Nations and the US Census Bureau both vary, nonetheless, Nigeria takes the lead in both projections. Nigeria’s population is projected to expand to 377-410 million by 2050, while the US will have approximately 375-390 million people.

However, Nigeria is hardly the only African country expected to experience a surge in population in the next few decades.

World Population Review released a report which showed 10 countries across the world with the highest population growth projections for 2050. The list included 6 African countries.

Below is the data from the report showing the projected figures of the six African countries expected to grow rapidly in population.

The data on this list includes the current country’s ranks, the current population, the population projected by 2050, how fast the population is growing in percentage, how much each country will grow in the period under review, and the current percentage of each country’s population in the world.