Kenyan farmers are now being affected by the ongoing pilot strike

The farmers disclosed that millions of dollars are already being lost due to a lack of cargo space, even as freight charges doubled due to the impasse.

The ongoing protest by Kenyan pilots is a product of their demands not being met. The Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) had called for an industrial action, which started on November 5, demanding the reinstatement of contributions to their provident fund.

They also demanded that the salaries that were not paid during the pandemic be reimbursed effective immediately as they accused the KQ management of “intimidation and unfulfilled promises.”

The Agricultural Employers Association (AEA), has noted that the economic recovery that was slowly occurring post-Covid-19 pandemic is quickly morphing back into the same kind of loss that was experienced during the pandemic.

According to the AEA chief executive Wesley Siele, as much as Sh200 million is being lost every day.

“We are deeply concerned by the ongoing strike as it has affected the exportation of fresh produce leading to major losses,” Siele said.

“Due to a demand in cargo space among other airlines, the prices have nearly doubled and we fear this could rise further in the coming days if the impasse is not resolved.” He added.

He went on to say that the strike was affecting the country as a whole and not just specific sectors. Economic activities across the nation have taken a hit, and Siele called for the immediate resolution of the issue.

The Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) had accused the Ministry of failing to engage an arbitrator, after talks between the State and the pilots collapsed.

The IHRM Chairman Phillip Odera, stated, “We have assembled a team of experts conversant with industrial disputes and is ready to deploy it for mediation between the pilots, the State, and the management of Kenya Airways.”