VIDEO: This ridiculous goal by Benfica B goalkeeper could become 2022 Puskas winner

Soares’ Benfica were losing 1-0 to Trofense in the Segunda Liga – Portugal’s second flight of football – and when the 20-year-old goalkeeper had a stroke of genius in the 65th minute, controlling the ball just outside of his penalty area and punted it forward toward the opposing goal.

Contrary to the usual lofted passes upfield that goalkeepers or defenders use during goal kicks, and aimed at teammates, Soares’ sheer power on the strike suggested he aimed for the goal.

His effort flew over the opposition goalkeeper before striking the underside of the crossbar and going into the net.

Following his ‘worldy’ of a strike, Soares celebrated by running towards the centre circle, waving to his teammates and running back to his goal as the rest of the stadium screamed in disbelief.

“I saw that their goalkeeper was one step ahead and, having the wind in favour, I decided to take a risk,” the 20-year-old said after the game about his goal.

“It went well, it is something that will remain etched in the memory of many,” he added.

Soares’ equalising attempt was actually, recorded as an own goal by Miguel Santos as it had come off him after hitting the crossbar.

The goal helped spark a stunning comeback as Benfica came from 1-0 down to win 2-1. Trofense opened the scoring in the first half following a goal from Ange Mutinzi.

Benfica eventually grabbed the win in the 82nd minute thanks to Luis Semedo.